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Cost of doing business: 22% of the value of the asset

Heir's property can be a complicated real estate transaction with many nuances and problems. No two cases are alike, so here at we have made the cost of doing business easy and understandable.

1. is a consulting, advisory, development and sales company. We handle all of those heir's property needs at a cost of 10% of the value of the property or its sales price.  This part of the cost is typically in raw land transactions. Our competition charges 10% for doing the sale only. 

2. Legal, quiet title actions and corporate governance is also at a cost of 10% of the value or the sales price. Our affliate attorney's work to quiet the title and handle all other related business for the second part of the fee. One can't work without the other and they both serve to give balance to the case as it pertains to heir's property. Note: Anyone outside of the quiet title action that chooses to obtain separate council can expect to pay up to 33% additionally; which is on top of the 22% fee charged by and associates.

3. Expenses: In heir's property cases there are many hidden expenses, some are: Surveys, mailings, service by publication, court cost, appraisals, copies, travel, paper supply, etc. So expect to pay expenses of about 1%-2% of the sales price. In heir's property cases most clients are land rich and cash poor. We understand this problem, advance these costs and are reimbursed when the deal closes.

4. Receiver: If one is needed the cost of his services will be about 1%. Receivers are typically brought in when there are a lot of issues that the family are unable to resolve within the membership body. He is a form of a mediator appointed by the court to give unbiased reports. This along with reports and work product will be what's used to quiet the title and ultimately manage the asset.

These 4 criterias are typical when it comes to heir's property, they're unavoidable and also go hand in hand. The only exception is the receiver. This usually will depend on the size of the membership. Once numbers start approaching 50 or more persons, I would seek the appointment of a receiver.

Below is an example of an heir's property case. The example will show a basic break down of expenses. Note clients take home inheritance.

Example: Client Family, LLC with 187 heirs
Appraised value: $5.5 million
Our fees of 20%: $1,100,000.00
Expenses: $110,000.00
187 heirs will split: $4,290,000.00 based on individual share value

Your dad was the heir and he died. He owned 5.42% of the share and it's value is $298,100.00. Since he is now deceased, his share then transfers to you, your mother and your other sibling(s). See the math: the spouse gets half and the children split up the balance equally, unless there was a will to follow.

     Total Value:    Share:     Share Value:     CODB:         Clients Take Home Inheritance:
       $5,500,000        5.42%        $298,100.00         22%
       Your mother's    2.71%        $149,050.00        $32,791.00      $116,259.00
       Your share         1.36%          $74,525.00        $16,395.50      $58,130.00
       Your sibling       1.36%          $74,525.00        $16,395.50      $58,130.00

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