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If you are not the administrative type but you feel you might be a part of heir’s property, then this next feature is for you. Put in as much information as you know about your family and the property that you think might be in your family tree; even if you are unsure of the exact city and then enter the specific state. The more information you provide, the better your chances of being found and then let the system will do the rest. As trees build, the system will automatically search for you and look for a match or a link. Don’t expect this to happen overnight, because it could take weeks or several years to find your match. That is why it’s important that you provide as much information as possible into the intake form. This also helps speed up the matching process. As the system is matching and cross referencing with each and every input of information, you will be notified. Once there is a match it is very possible that you could be an heir on several trees and be in line for inheritance in more than one place, such as on your mother’s side of the family and on your father’s side. Just sign up, become a client and let do the rest. This offer works especially well for people who were adopted or estranged from their family for many years.

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