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IPO/ Mailing list

We anticipate doing an Initial Public Offering of within 5 years of company’s launch date of Nov 15, 2013. We may also release a pre-IPO offering, in the form of a PPM-Private Placement Memorandum, which will be an opportunity for private investors to get in on the ground floor of this unique niche market. We anticipate the PPM offering at $1.00 a share and selling 10,000 share blocks. There will only be offered a limited amount of shares at the PPM level to both accredited and non accredited investors. At IPO stage we anticipate our offering at $2.50 per share; authorizing 20 million shares; issuing 10 million shares and seeking to raise at IPO stage $25,000,000. This IPO will make us only one of about 10 African American publicly traded companies in the U.S. hopes to become one of those rare companies that come along once in a decade and a company with the potential of becoming a star performer. 

So if you want to be on the mailing matrix for either the PPM or the IPO offerings to come, please complete the form below and you will be contacted by one of the following: our investor relations dept, a stock transfer agent or associate investment bank 90 days before offering. 


Note: Your contact information will not be sold nor passed on to another agency for solicitation. The intent is only for the purpose of informing you of the upcoming offerings and giving you the opportunity of first movers positioning. You will only be contacted with regards to this issue by a transfer agent or investment bank that will be named on this site at the time of offerings. Please don’t accept any solicitation from any solicitors unless it comes from us or is so indicated by us and is posted on our company’s web site.

First and Last name / Full name.

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