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Most people will fall under this offer *Add on …..cost: $12.50 for each name added to existing tree.

This feature is for existing trees already in process. Here is how it works: as long as there is an administrator that has started a tree, you can just add into that tree by becoming a client. You will need to type in the tree builder account number that you wish to be added to. You will get this number by sending a message to the administrator explaining who you are and why you feel you should be added to the tree. The administrator of the tree will then verify your information. Once the administrator certifies that you are to be added, you will automatically take your place onto the tree. To use this feature you should know something about the tree that you are applying to be added to. In some cases the administrator, attorney or a member of customer service will solicit you through our net work of e-mail addresses and cross referencing. You will be asked to become a client and since this is at the add-on level, there will not be a yearly maintenance fee charged to you as it will have already been paid by the administrator of the site. The only fee that you would need to pay is $12.50. Once you are added you will then be able to receive messages from the administrator, attorneys, the consultant and realtor. You will also be able to vote on family business, chat with family members, upload info and review all family documents. I strongly suggest that you at least select “Add-On”.

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