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Tree Builder Admin CD


As an administrator and client, this allows you to build your family tree and manage the real estate asset along with our consultant’s, representatives and attorneys. You can also just use the tree builder to manage your family’s asset. However, I would recommend that you become a full client, as the entire process is complicated and you will ultimately need our full range of services and support. If you choose not to become a client and want to go at it yourself, then order the hard copy CD and we wish you the very best. Please note that in cases where all you want to do is preserve your property for future generations, then the “do it yourself” CD version is for you. But if you decide as time goes on that your needs change and you wish to become a client, then you will be charged a $25.00 fee to upload and transfer all of your data into our system. You will need access codes obtained by contacting one of our customer service representatives.

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