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Tree Management

Heirs provides planned timber management:


Heir’s property is notorious for having mismanaged timber assets. Most of the land is just left to grown wild and is cut once every 40 or 50 years. In some cases it’s cut too soon and the land’s full potential is never realized. We conduct the first full harvest or a thinning and a replanting of hybrid trees that will grow faster than just a forest left to grow wild. We’ll also conduct soil studies as to determine the best species to grow. We then conduct systematic checks on the growth patterns, process all data and do controlled burns as needed; all of this to maximize yield. We also handle surveying and posting of signs stating: “This property is under HPC Management.” Heirs Property .com will work with all size timber tracks primarily 25 acres and up. Compensation is at a 25/75 split, with 75% going to you as the property owner. The following is a full break down of what HPC management does.

1) Handles all initial money outlay which will be recouped from cut.

2) Survey if needed, boundary markings, timber appraisal, site visit, review and make changes to contract with timber buyers, soil study for replanting and posting of property management signs. Also review and check of all timber logs.


If your property is heir’s property:

By law you as an heir’s property owner only are entitled to your proportionate share of any proceeds derived from the property, so all timber money will be placed in escrow until quiet title action has been completed. We can however pay the taxes with the money made and pay for any maintenance that the property may need, such as: erosion, work fencing and replanting of trees to increase its next yield. We can also pay people for their outlay of back taxes as long as they did not live on the property during the time they contributed to the tax bill. But primarily the money made from the first cut will only be enough to cover the expenses and a few years of taxes. The next cuts after the land has been properly managed and planted with hybrid trees usually bring money that will show any real profit.

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