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Adolph Brown
Heirs solves this major problem by converting heirs property into a manageable, sell-able asset for its owners then selling that asset providing liquidity for its owners while educating them on investment opportunities.  Our business model is simple, we allow the market place to virtually create itself through our web based Family tree builder and land management site.  With our affiliates of professionals, lawyers, consultants, real estate professionals, surveyors, appraisers, financial partners, developers, and investors.
  1. We identify the membership base of the property.
  2. Advise as to what company format would be the most advantageous: LLC, Trust, etc.
  3. Identify best use: lease, sale, development, farming, oil or natural gas, mining, or timber.
  4. Provide clients with management systems to manage their shares.
  5. Provide liquidity through private sale or development joint ventures partnerships. Heirs is the consulting arm. Adolph D. Brown is the Founder, Principal, Primary Agent and Lead. All others used will be associates.
  6. Consult with attorney. Will advise as to which attorney is the best to use from our database and then assign contract. 
  7. Provide marketing analysis of property which may include: survey, appraisal, and/or BPO.
  8. Provide overall management and oversight of your heirs property case.
  9. We identify values as well as each individual members proportionate share.
  10. Provide timber cutting services and the replanting of seedlings for future generations.

 Example of actual client and sale

MTJ Family, LLC

187 Members
21 acres of land located on Hilton Head Island, SC
Synergistec value on the main highway 278; road needed widening; perfect location for hotel. Land had protected marshland and offered many uses with multiple potential buyers.
Appraised Value $5.5 Million.

Proffesional Fees 20% $1,100,00.00
 Expenses  $110,000.00
 Clients, 187 people  $4,290,000.00 split per share value

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